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A Family Tradition in Otmeal

It is a premium oat brand of proven nutritious content that offers our consumers a promise of a healthy lifestyle. Its main feature is the wide and innovative portfolio of products providing convenience, versatility and delicious flavor, making it the ideal food for all types of people and moments.

We made classic presentations of oatmeal, Quick Cooking and Old Fashioned oatmeal, covering a growing demand with a quality product, that has allowed us to gain our consumers’ confidence, Thanks to an innovative team, we have created new product lines with naturally sweetened flavored oats, as well as a line of premium oats with natural ingredients that have become the favorite of healthy lifestyle consumers. Other products such as cereal bars, granolas and cut oat grains for ready to prepare Risotto, complete a portfolio that confirms the nutritional value of oats and transforms the traditional form of their consumption.

Since the beginning, all the raw material to produce Avelina has been acquired through a process of direct negotiation with Chilean producers, in order to obtain oats of proven quality whose processing was carried out first at the Food Group International Company, based on Miami, FL-USA. Our products have been commercialized in Colombia, Panama and Dominican Republic and, also, in other latitudes with the growth of Food Group International, from where it is possible to open new markets to reach more than 20 countries worldwide.

Thanks to this growth and the need to maintain the quality of the raw material, we installed Inmolisa, a highly automated plant with 100% German technology, located in the city of PillanlelbĂșn, specifically in the commune of Lautaro, in the north of Temuco, Chile. This area is known as "Chile's Granary" because 80% of the country's grains and cereals are sown, harvested and produced there.

For the LOVE of Oats
For the LOVE of Oats

A business with vertical integration

We are Libi Group

A conglomerate of companies dedicated to the production, marketing, distribution and storage of food from the American continent to anywhere in the world. With this objective, oatmeal is a fundamental part of our business and we have a production and logistics structure that allows us to supply the agro-industrial and food market, with quality oat products and by-products intended for human and animal consumption.

Together with our partners, we offer a wide portfolio of products to be marketed in different channels. We also provide production and/or co-packing services, according to the needs of the client.

For the LOVE of Oats
For the LOVE of Oats




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As Oat producers, packers and distributors, we have a structure that allows us to be safe and efficient oat suppliers for the Industrial and Food Service.

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