Special Salad Avelina®



¼ cup of vinegar
¾ cup of oil
1 tablespoon of mustard
1 envelope of Avelina® Instant Flavor Oatmeal Honey, Raisins and Almonds
2 cups of mozzarella cheese in cubes


1.- In a bowl place the Avelina® Old Fashioned Oats and the water, mix and let it hydrate for 5 minutes, mix again, add a little more water if necessary until obtaining a thick and homogeneous preparation.
2.- Pour the mixture forming round, thin toast in a hot pan previously coated with a little oil, cook over medium heat until cooked on both sides and well roasted.
3.- Cut the toast and pour over the melted butter previously mixed with the pepper to taste. Reservation.
4.- Place the clean lettuce cut into pieces in a bowl.
5.- For the vinaigrette, mix the vinegar, the oil, the mustard, and the Avelina® Instant Flavor Oatmeal Honey, Raisins and Almonds, pour the lettuces and mix well.
6.- Add the cheese, the toast of Avelina® Avena in whole flakes, mix and serve the salad to taste.




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