Vegan Burger Avelina®


1.- Cut the aubergines in half and then sprinkle with a little oil. Place them on the grill or in the oven until they are fully cooked.
2.- Sauté the garlic with a teaspoon of oil let stand.
3.- When the aubergines are ready, extract the pulp (remove the skin) and mash with salt, cumin and sautéed garlic. Then, let marinate for 10 minutes
4.- Add the eggs, bread and Avelina® Quick Cooking Oats, mix well to form a consistent paste. Add a little more ground bread if necessary
5.- Form pellets and then flatten a little, cook in a pan or hot budare, covered until golden brown on both sides
6.- Prepare hamburgers by placing lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauces of your choice


Avelina® Quick Cooking Oats is not only a cereal with exceptional properties, but it is also highly recommended for a healthy and balanced diet




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